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The facility this company has is amazing. You will learn a lot especially with the presence of their instructors who are really very supportive. At first, this is a little bit daunting especially since most of the time you are going to spend your time off the ground. But anyway, after you get used to the harnesses, you will find that it is enjoyable. It is something you can see doing every single day without the actual thought that you are working out. Overall, so far the experience in this company has been good.


This is a highly recommended company. You will be in the company of the best people when you decide to choose this company. The camaraderie of the people here is very nice and inviting. That is the reason why I keep on getting sessions after sessions from them. More than that, the classes are interesting and the instructors are very reliable. You’d definitely love being here.


The first time I entered the studio for this company, I was surprised. It was very homey and the structure was really very nice. It scared me at first since I have no experience in doing yoga, much more in doing aerial dancing. But the staff here is very friendly and very accommodating. They did not let me down and they made me instantly comfortable with the arrangements I made. Honestly, it is not as easy as you think. It will take a lot of courage and practice especially since there are a lot of times when you will literally fall in our butts. But the learning process is really very enjoyable so no regrets.


They offer very interesting classes here. Make sure not to miss out on them. Every class will teach you a new act and a new technique so take advantage of it.