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activity-clouds-dawn | FAQs | Fly Queen West

Here at the Frequently Asked Questions page, you can know many things about our company. Here is where we have collected all the questions beings asked from us by customers on a regular basis. Make sure to read them out so that you will be well-guided with the products and services that we offer. For more information, do not hesitate to send us an email at the contact details provided at our Contact Us page.

Do you have FREE Trials?

We offer FREE trials here for one whole week so you can have the first-hand experience with the classes that we offer before actually committing to us. We know that there are people who are hesitant in getting classes with us because aerial yoga is really a scary concept. But we’ll show you that we can make the classes enjoyable for you. Just sign up so we can start whenever it is convenient for you.

How many classes are available per day?

The classes available differ from one branch to another. Make sure to check out the schedule posted on this website so you can have an idea of the time you will be available.

Can I register online?

You can register online or you can also just come to any of the branches we have. Either way, you will receive a notification that your registration is successful via email. That is the reason why we ask for your email when you decide to apply for a class from us.

Do I need to pay for a registration fee?

Registration fee is necessary only after you have decided to enroll to us after you have undergone the FREE trial sessions. This is paid on a yearly basis. This is not included to the monthly fee you need to pay per session or per the package you are going to get from us.