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It is a dream come true for everyone to fly. Literally, fly. We are not talking about here of just flying while riding an aircraft or while parasailing. We are talking here of flying and suspending oneself on air while our control is still intact. Unfortunately, human beings are simply not designed to fly. But who says we cannot make this possible? Definitely here at Fly Queen West, we can.

Our History

We have started way back in 2011 in a garage space that was installed with a beautiful glass garage door in Phoenix and since then, we have already attracted hundreds of enthusiasts who have wanted to try flying with us. This is because not only can they make happen their dream of being suspended in the air, they can also get the physical fitness they deserve. Yes, technically speaking, here is Fly Queen West, we are going to develop all parts of your body. Not even just the physical aspect, but the mind as well. We develop training so that you can both be physically and mentally fit without too much exertion. After all, the secret is in the discipline and control of one being.

You’ll understand better what we are talking about if you have already experienced yoga.

The principle is basically the same. The only difference is that we do not keep our fit on the ground. You’ll learn a lot more about discipline and mental fitness from us which when lacking inside you, can cause you to fall and be hurt. Of course, our instructors will not let that happen to you. They are very thorough in giving you the training you need for you to develop both your physical and mental aspect. As such, it is mandatory for you to fully trust them as well.

Aerial Yoga Classes

Fly Queen West is a company that will provide you aerial yoga classes. This is a combination of aerial dancing, pole dancing, yoga, and even pilates.

Training Staff

You will learn a lot from here especially with the presence of our training staff who underwent a rigorous selection process so that we can have the guarantee that they are going to give you the best training.

Daily Activities

We are going to give you the means to be stronger so that you will not suffer from setbacks while you do your daily activities. Moreover, we are going to give you an oasis where you can relax and just make a positive change in your well-being.

Perhaps it is the latter what most people lack the most these days and we are going to readily provide them for you.

Here at Fly Queen West, gravity is our friend. We defy it and use it to our advantage. We go through with it like the graceful beings we are made to be. We intentionally made our classes smaller so that we are able to work with our customers on a face to face basis. We believe that through this technique, the learning process will be a lot easier and a lot faster. We highly encourage you to be a part of our growing team. For more information, you can check out our Contact Us page for the details in how you can reach us.

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