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As “Saviour” and “Redeemer” of Israel, the lordwill be known to all men (Is )

As “Saviour” and “Redeemer” of Israel, the lordwill be known to all men (Is )

In the anguished situation of the Exile – after the loss of the Land – Second Isaiah, a prophet whose name is unknown, announced to the exiles an unheard-of message: the Lord was about to repeat his original liberating intervention – that of the Exodus from Egypt – and even to surpass it. To the descendants of his chosen ones, Abraham and Jacob (Is 41:8), he would manifest himself as “Redeemer” (g(o-)’l) in rescuing them from their foreign masters, the Babylonians. 86 “I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no Saviour; I declared and saved” (Is -12).

The New Testament follows the Old in presenting God as Saviour

After the return of the exiles, seen as imminent by Second Isaiah and soon to become a reality – but not in a very spectacular manner – the hope of eschatological liberation began to dawn: the spiritual successors of the exilic prophet announced the fulfilment, yet to come, of the redemption of Israel as a divine intervention at the end of time. 87 It is as Saviour of Israel that the messianic prince is presented at the end of time (Mi 4:14-5:5). (more…)