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Five differences between Dutch and British ladies

Five differences between Dutch and British ladies

2. Feminism

Brit ladies

Uk babes believe feminism involves the soon after:

  1. Asleep with as many boys possible during holiday in The country of spain to show exactly how ‘liberated’ they might be, all things considered, men would do equivalent when they could.
  2. Getting pregnant while however at school
  3. Getting up with complete strangers after having consumed sufficient alcopops to eliminate a sailor

It’s ok we’re British feminists

Dutch women

Dutch women can be probably the most liberated women in worldwide. I know this becoming the case as the saying goes this all enough time, so that it needs to be real. There’s no reason disagreeing together or directed that merely 42% of Brit lady function part-time as opposed to 76per cent associated with the Dutch. Financial liberty has nothing to do with feminism. What’s vital is that you can scream in a loud vocals precisely how liberated you’re feeling when compared with ladies in different countries.

3. Style

Brit ladies

Brit girls are organic optimists and believe are classy involves the soon after:

  1. Sporting skirts so brief that also blind boys look out in shock and disgust
  2. Putting one’s cleavage on screen like pups in a pet shop window
  3. Squeezing into a pair of mini hot jeans a few dimensions too little, no matter the effects it’s on passersby, just who often have nightmares and call for psychiatric therapy to handle what they’ve seen