Aerial Yoga Teaching Methodology Workshop

with Kaye & Melissa

The Aerial Yoga Teaching Methodology Workshop is designed for Aerial Yoga teachers who would like to improve on their teaching practice. This 10 hour course will give teachers an opportunity to practice effective cuing, offer hands-on assists, and to finesse actual in-class scenario teaching skills. A final exam incorporates our education into a usable takeaway for your next class.

Saturday November 25th 1:00-8:00pm & Sunday November 26th 5:00-8:00pm

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn to create flowing sequences and inventive transitions
  • Role play a variety of teaching scenarios
  • Experience more advanced poses
  • Examine key alignment cues
  • Understand ow to 'read' your students
  • Assist and spot students to safely guide all levels
  • Discuss etiquette and community, theming and class psychology unique to aerial yoga.
  • Build confidence and take your teaching to the next level.
Includes 10 hrs in class + manual + 1 hr assistantship in a public class (to be completed within 60 days of course start date) Cost: $349+HST

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