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Can Cbd Oil Lower Your Heart Rate



One of the most fascinating aspects of the current medical world is that we are starting to turn more towards natural remedies. The Keto Diet, yoga, everything trendy these days is geared towards the health of the mind, body, and soul. People are starting to understand what nature has to offer, medicinally, plants in particular. The marijuana plant has gone from, at one time, being labelled a dangerous drug, to now holding the answer to some of the most common medical conditions.

In fact, we have since extracted a little gem from it, CBD. This compound has helped many thousands of people lead a healthy, chemical-free life, including, yes, those with high blood pressure.

What is CBD oil?

Hand holding bottle of Cannabis oil against Marijuana plant, CBD oil pipette

Contrary to popular belief, CBD, although a component of marijuana, does not have psychoactive abilities. It is just one of over a hundred compounds found in the plant and offers many of the same benefits as the other well-known compound, THC, although without the mind-altering, psychoactive effects.

Potential Health Benefits:

Although studies are still ongoing, recent reports show that CBD can have amazing effects on some of the most common medical conditions including epilepsy. It has also been shown to lower the heart rate as well as blood pressure.

Potential Health Risks:

There are a few possible side effects associated with CBD use, but they tend to be relatively mild. These side effects can include:


Increased/Decreased Appetite

Weight Fluctuations (gain/loss)


While it has been known to lower the heart rate, it does not lower it to dangerous levels. It is quickly on the fast track to becoming the number one anti-anxiety medicine.

Different forms of CBD:

CBD extract comes in many different forms, gummies, tinctures, capsules, and of course, as an oil. This is one of the more popular, and most effective, forms. When made into an oil, the CBD is mixed with any one of a number of different carrier oils such as coconut oil.


While you are able to purchase CBD oil and other products from an endless list of options, it is always recommended that you find a trustworthy, reliable source.

Choose one of the more well-known brands like PurWell cbd products, to ensure that you receive a pure, safe product.

CBD is fast replacing many other pharmaceuticals on the market right now. We are learning new things about the wonders of CBD every day. It is used regularly by those with chronic pain issues, epilepsy, heart problems, and even cancer. We likely do not know everything there is to know about this plant, but it has shown remarkable capabilities thus far.