We offer distinctive Aerial Yoga and Pilates classes and an extraordinary team of instructors to choose from.

Our mission is to create an oasis in Toronto’s downtown core; an environment that supports positive change for the body and -mind through a variety of personalized practices. Check out or schedule and find the right class for you!

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We have the best instructors Toronto has to offer!
Each one has an amazing story of the path that their practise in aerial yoga or reformer pilates has taken.

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Our Story

Fly isn't just a place to practice yoga or Pilates, it’s a community of friendly people with an appetite for exploration, growth and adventure! Our story springs from this very concept.

In 2014, yoga enthusiasts Marlene Sammy and Karey Emmett instantly connected through their interest in movement, wellness and teaching.

Upon discovering a shared passion for igniting the soul, taking chances and dreaming big - they were inspired to open Branch Yoga & Wellness, with creative director, Bart Murphy. Less than a year later, Fly Studio entered their lives and became a small but mighty sister studio in the downtown core.


Fly studio is located at the heart of Queen West in Toronto, Ontario, and is named by Vogue Magazine as “one of the coolest places in the world”. Evoking a feeling of calm and balance amidst the city’s bustling streets, Fly has everything you need for a complete workout for body and mind.

Our friendly boutique space accommodates 10 students in Aerial Yoga and 4 students in Reformer Pilates. Small class sizes means more personalized attention from instructors, allowing you to get more out of your practice.

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